San Diego's Complete Guide To Keeping The Spiders Out

If you’re scared of having spiders in your home, you’re not the only one. Spiders are one of the most feared pests in San Diego, and even if you’re not terrified of them, the way spiders look and act can be quite freaky. The main reason people worry about having spider infestations is they fear being bitten....

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Are Western Black-Legged Ticks In San Diego Dangerous?

There are obviously dangerous creatures, and then there are not so obviously dangerous creatures. For instance, you know not to approach a wild grizzly bear or a lion. There is nothing about these apex predators that suggest they won’t cause you great harm. Unfortunately, the same fear does not arise when you see a tick latched onto your skin. Why? Because people do not know ticks are dan...

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Three Things You Can Do To Avoid Fleas In San Diego

Unlike a wild bear or coyote, fleas are really small and adept at staying out of sight. That said, is there any way to keep these tiny pests from biting those you hold most dear? Of course, there is! Here are three things you can do to avoid these annoying and dangerous pests in San Diego...

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