How Dangerous Are The Wasps In San Diego?

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The wasp is a species of stinging insect quite common to the San Diego, CA area. If you have lived around here for any amount of time, you have likely heard about (or felt) the malicious effects of these creatures on the human body.

The wasp family is particularly large by most insect standards, possessing a wide variety of traits, species, and insect types. The giant Asian hornet is a recent celebrity of the wasp family that had many news sources buzzing in recent months. Other members of the wasp family include:

  • The Cicada Killer
  • The Mud Dauber
  • The European Paper Wasp
  • The Yellow Jacket

Wasps are fairly easy to distinguish from similar-looking stinging insects. You may not be able to distinguish unique species according to specific characteristics, but you will likely be able to identify base features such as:

  • Yellow and black stripes running along the thorax and abdomen
  • Large, dark wings that are longer than the actual body
  • Stinging insects that are eusocial (meaning they live together in a hive or colony)

While wasps are beneficial to the natural world, they certainly are not very welcoming friends to people, pets, or property. Wasps are known to be highly aggressive insects and will guard their territory ferociously. They have the inherent ability to sting multiple times, putting many people in the path of real danger. Those who suffer from allergic reactions may need to be hospitalized for anaphylactic shock, while others may need to have their wounds treated by medical professionals. There’s no doubt about it, wasps are genuine dangers to your San Diego property. Don’t put off prevention steps longer than you have to.

Wild Wasps Wanted: Ways To Keep Them Off Your San Diego Property

Wasp activity is normally spotted early in the year, but if you have made it this far into the season without any problems, you may be in luck! Still, it will be important to establish some level of prevention to mitigate the negative effects of wasps on your lawn. Here are some actionable ways to discourage wasps from trying to establish themselves on your property:

  • Trim hedges regularly, being careful not to allow the vegetation to grow wild.
  • Refrain from planting over flowering plants such as fruit trees or azaleas. 
  • Do not overwater your lawn or garden beds. 

Don’t Risk It, Get Allswell Here Assistance!

While applying some of the above prevention steps, you may have noticed an active wasp nest already constructed on your property. Regardless of the activity levels of the nest, please do not try to remove stinging insects on your own. It isn't worth the risk!

At the first sign of stinging insect activity, please contact the crew at Allswell Here. We specialize in the safe treatment, removal, and cleanup of wasp nests, and guarantee your protection during the entire process. Call, click, or visit with us today at Allswell Here to get started with our wasp control program right away!