The Best Way To Keep Rodents Out Of Your San Diego Home

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Rodents are the consummate thieves of joy. Once they barge into your home, they cause chaos, frustration, and destruction. They compromise your health and safety and damage your personal belongings. Thankfully, Allswell Here offers the most effective pest control in San Diego to swiftly get rid of rodents so you and your family can enjoy living peacefully pest-free again. Please continue reading to learn more about these critters, why you don’t want them around for long, and simple ways to keep them out of your home.

The Types Of Rodents That Commonly Invade San Diego Homes

You and your family aren’t the only ones who enjoy living in San Diego. Plenty of rodents reside here, and you could find some lurking around your residence for an opportunity to sneak inside. Some of the most common rodents include house mice, Norway rats, voles, deer mice, and roof rats. Since rodents are highly social, once you’ve seen one, many more are hiding somewhere. That’s why it’s essential to enlist professional rodent control services to eliminate these critters before their population expands.

The Many Problems A Rodent Infestation Can Create In Your Home

Rodents can cause a plethora of problems once they intrude into your home. With their relentless compulsion to chew on any item they come across, your property and personal possessions risk costly and possibly irreparable damage. Rodents have razor-sharp teeth that can gnaw through pipes, plastic, wood, metal, leather, asbestos, books, lead, and even brick. These critters can cause electrical outages and even spark fires by chewing through wires and damaging utilities. 

Rodents in San Diego can jeopardize your family’s health by leaving their urine and feces behind, even in hidden areas. Their waste produces microscopic spores that float through vents and contaminate the air you breathe. This exposure can trigger severe allergic reactions in allergy sufferers and asthmatics. Therefore, contacting a qualified pest control company at the first sign or sighting of rodents around your home is critical.

Five Easy Yet Effective Rodent Exclusion Tips For Around The House

Rodent exclusion tactics are highly effective at preventing these critters from invading your home. However, any current rodent infestation must be eliminated first before you can introduce exclusionary methods. Give Allswell a call to remove all types of rodents inside your house. Experienced professionals are well-equipped to quickly extract these pests, so you can start with a clean slate and implement exclusion measures to avoid re-infestations.

Here are five simple and effective ways to deter common rodents from coming around:

  1. Eliminate nesting materials by clearing away debris and yard clutter.
  2. Fill in openings, cracks, gaps, and crevices that rodents can use to enter your home.
  3. Be sure that doors fit into their frames tightly from top to bottom.
  4. Remove all potential food and water sources rodents need to survive.
  5. Install metal screening over vents, windows, and doors.

Professional pest experts can also assist with effectively keeping rodents out of your home. Contact them to schedule a comprehensive property inspection.

Contact The Professionals For Total Rodent Control For Your Home

Dealing with rodents living in your home is stressful enough without taking on the burden of trying to eliminate them yourself. And with the diseases these critters can carry, it’s unsafe to tackle the problem alone. For the most effective rodent control, count on experienced service professionals to eradicate rodents quickly and safely. They have the proper training and possess the newest equipment to obliterate any pest infestation.

For over two decades, Allswell has offered exceptional pest management solutions that our San Diego residents can rely on. Our expertly trained service professionals work with you every step of the way to ensure pest-free results that last. We eliminate different types of rodents so you can resume your good quality of living. Get in touch with us today so we can get started on your inspection.