Here's How To Deal With Cockroaches In Your San Diego Home

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Cockroaches have a reputation of being a formidable pest to deal with, and this reputation is well-earned. Cockroaches are one of the most dangerous pests in San Diego, and they are also one of the hardest to remove as they are resistant to many pesticides, and they can even survive for up to a week without their heads.

Cockroaches carry dozens of diseases including salmonellosis, gastroenteritis, E Coli, and cholera. Because of this, understanding what attracts cockroaches to your home and learning the best way to keep them out is vital to protect your family.

The first step in cockroach control is knowing about the different cockroach species in San Diego and how to identify common cockroaches. There are four main cockroaches in the area: the American cockroach, German cockroach, brown-banded cockroach, and Oriental cockroach.

German Cockroach — The German cockroach is the most common house-invading species and is a light brown color with two black bands that run parallel behind its head.

American Cockroach — The American cockroach, on the other hand, is also rather common but is a reddish-brown color and the largest species in the United States.

Oriental Cockroach — Next, there’s the Oriental cockroach which is a shiny black color that earns them the nickname of the black beetle.

Brown-Banded Cockroach — Lastly, the brown-banded cockroach is a brown color with light brown or tan bands on their wings.

What Makes Cockroaches So Difficult To Control?

Cockroaches are insects that can get inside a home in many different ways such as crawling into small cracks, getting brought in on cardboard boxes, or slipping under doors and through windows. Because of their ability to get through so many entry points, it can be difficult to keep them out. Some species will even get inside through drains.

Once inside, cockroaches are even more difficult to get a handle on. They reproduce quickly and have multiple generations in just one year. Their infestations can quickly grow out of hand, and they can hide in many small places such as in walls and under floors where you can’t find them.

Why Don’t DIY Removal Methods Work?

Many homeowners try to remove cockroaches without professional help because they assume it will be easier and cheaper, but this is rarely the case. Most DIY methods such as pesticides, traps, and natural remedies just aren’t very effective. They might eliminate a few cockroaches, but they don’t remove the entire infestation. Plus, if you don’t have the experience handling chemical products, you could put yourself and your family’s health at risk by trying to apply them on your own.

While the exact price of these methods varies, you will likely spend more money than you think as you have to buy more and more products when the cockroaches keep coming back.

How To Protect Your Family From Cockroaches

Because of the sturdy nature of cockroaches, it’s very difficult to get rid of a cockroach infestation without residential pest control services. Instead of wasting time and money and putting your family at risk, let the experts at Allswell handle cockroach prevention and control. We have over 20 years of combined experience, and we don’t just rely on chemicals to get the job done. We use Integrative Pest Management techniques to keep your home free from cockroaches year-round. Contact us today to find out more!