The Trouble With Leaving Swarming Termites Untreated In San Diego


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For many, part of the American dream is the goal of home ownership. So, we work to get the education and experience we need to make a living and save extra money to achieve our dream of purchasing a home. Your home is a significant investment resulting from years of hard work, and the last thing you need is a tiny pest to wreak havoc on it, but such a pest exists. 

Termites can slowly damage your home causing significant structural damage, and you need to protect your investment against this wood-eating creature. To guard your house against termites, you need the San Diego pest control team of Allswell Here. Our highly-trained service professionals have over twenty years of experience in the pest control industry, and we know how to stop termites from slowly destroying your home. 

What Do Termite Swarmers Look Like?

Do you have childhood memories of playing outdoors in the evening and seeing bugs flying around the streetlights? If so, you have a mental picture of a termite swarm. Each termite colony has a king and queen responsible for creating new termites. Termite colonies have a caste system, and the termites born function as soldiers, workers, or reproductives. When a nest becomes large enough to be self-supporting, it produces the flying termites around your property, known as reproductives. 

Swarmer termites near your San Diego home occur in the spring or fall when reproductive termites leave their nest and search for new locations to infest. The reproductives exit the colony in the morning and evenings when the air is still and humid, usually after heavy rainfall. Termite swarms tend to congregate around the light from an exterior light or house windows. 

Flying Termites Could Be The First Warning Sign

Because winged termites are not strong fliers, they tend to leave the nest when the air is calm and can only fly about half a mile. A swarm of termites indicates a high possibility of a termite colony on your San Diego property. 

Because winged swarming termites on your San Diego property do not fly far from the nest, a swarm indicates that the nest is in nearby rotting tree stumps, buried wood, or landscaping timbers, which are outdoor locations for subterranean termite nests. The termite swarm could also be from a nest in your home's crawlspace or another area in your house. 

Six Tips To Stay Ahead Of The Termite Problem

Termite swarms are evidence of termites on or near your property, and you need to take action to deter them from creating a nest or another colony in your house. The following are six steps for staying one step ahead of the termites:

  1. Remove tree stumps or buried wood from the property.
  2. Paint landscaping timbers and fence posts.
  3. Create a barrier between any wood that contacts the soil.
  4. Divert water from gutters away from the house.
  5. Elevate firewood and place at least 20 feet from the house.
  6. Dehumidify the crawlspace, attic, and other humid areas in the home.

Wood softened by moisture attracts termites, so be sure to remove, replace, or protect the wood in high-moisture areas on your San Diego property and your house. 

Professional Termite Control In San Diego

Your house is a significant investment, and when you see termites with wings on your property, you need to call the team from Allswell Here. Our pest control experts know about the different termite species infesting homes in San Diego. We will determine the species type, develop a custom strategy, and execute the plan to eradicate termites on your San Diego property. Contact us today, schedule your free inspection, and protect your hard-earned investment. 


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