Tips To Keep House Ants Out Of Your San Diego Home

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When any type of ant invades your San Diego home, it can be a nightmare to remove them from your property. Effective ant control starts with a proper understanding of the ants in your home, in addition to investing in ant control in San Diego.

The Types Of Ants That Invade San Diego Properties

There are several different types of ants in the San Diego area, but you may only see some of these species around your home. The most effective ant control can only occur after identifying the specific type of species in your home.

  • Argentine ants
  • Carpenter ants
  • Odorous House ants
  • Little Black ants
  • Pharaoh ants
  • Harvester ants

The Problems Ants Can Cause On Your San Diego Property

When ants invade your San Diego property, they can cause a lot more damage than you may know. Ants can easily invade your food storage areas and contaminate or spoil food; this may lead to an increased risk of gastrointestinal illness. Additionally, ants may bite the occupants of your home, and while this is generally harmless, it may still be painful or annoying to encounter.

In terms of more serious issues, carpenter ants will tunnel into the internal wooden structures of your home and leave these areas hollow. This activity can result in structural collapse and costly repairs if an infestation is left to grow out of control.

The problems ants cause is also why ant control in your house and ant control in your yard is so important. The ant pest control experts at Allswell Here can help you properly protect your property from the problems that ants cause.

The Best Way To Protect Your San Diego Home From Ants

The best way to protect your San Diego home from ants is to reach out to the best pest control for ants in the area at Allswell Here. The professionals at Allswell here are highly trained in ant pest control and will provide you with a thorough inspection of your property. Plus, you will receive effective, targeted solutions that are sure to rid your home of these pests.

Five Natural Ways To Keep Ants Away From Your San Diego Property

Ant control in your house and ant control in your yard can be easily achieved if you follow the natural prevention tips below. Remember that if you have an ongoing invasion of ants, your best option is to reach out to the best pest control for ants – Allswell Here.

  1. Seal up trash tightly and dispose of it often. Never leave out leftover food and store all food properly, in addition to cleaning up food and drink spills promptly. 
  2. Keep your home decluttered, and make sure to clean around food storage areas often to reduce indoor hiding places for ants.
  3. Address moisture issues around your home and ensure there are no leaks anywhere on your property, as easy access to water can attract ants and many other types of pests.
  4. Seal up potential ant entry points around your home, paying attention to the gaps in windows, doors, and your foundation. Invest in window and door screens, and door sweeps to keep out pests.
  5. Clear your yard of debris often and keep the grass trimmed down low to reduce outdoor ant hiding spots.