All The Ways Ants Get Into Your San Diego Home

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As they say, the only good ant is a dead ant. Unfortunately, it will take a lot of dead ants to rescue your home after a significant infestation. In fact, there are quite literally hundreds of ant species that make their home in San Diego, many of which could be crawling through your backyard at this very moment. Some of the most devastating of these are:

  • Fire ants (the biting ant)
  • Carpenter ants (the wood-boring ant)
  • Argentine ants (the sugar-loving ant)
  • Pharaoh ants (the disease spreading ant)

Almost all of the above ant species are considered to be nuisance pests, but they are certainly not welcome visitors in the home. Due to their impossibly tiny sizes, ants can be difficult to locate, prevent, and remediate from certain areas of the house. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take today to reduce infestation risks all year long.

Reduce Attractant Factors For San Diego Ant Populations

All ant species require the same three staples in order to survive in a residential area. If these factors are correctly managed or eliminated, it becomes extremely hard or even impossible for ant colonies to continue living well. These factors are:

  • Food: Ants will eat just about anything, from crumbs to dirty plate smears to the glue on cardboard boxes. Mitigate food exposure by sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping the floors often. Additionally, it is important to seal garbage bins with tight lids or caps. Line the insides with plastic wrappers for easy trash disposal.
  • Water: Most ant species require high levels of humidity and many available drinking sources in order to thrive. Cut down on puddling water by repairing drains, pipes, waterlines, or dips in the soil that could be collecting water. Remove some air moisture by running a dehumidifier in problem spaces, or by hanging desiccant bags wherever possible.
  • Shelter: Unlike mammals or more ‘warm-blooded' pests, ants do not require warm temperatures in order to thrive. However, they much prefer overgrown yards, untrimmed trees, and more wild spaces when choosing to settle down. Remove their temptations by caring for the lawn frequently, keeping grasses well-trimmed and other greenery well-maintained.

Ants can grow into large infestations quickly, especially when out of sight. Have your home inspected for insect activity with Allswell today!

Annihilate Ants With Allswell!

With so many unique ant species calling San Diego home, there is really no prevention method that works 100% of the time. Some species of ants are more adaptable than others, and year-round warmth and humidity makes our area the perfect breeding ground for colonies and household infestations. We recommend that you follow the above prevention steps to keep your home safe and ant-free during the more active spring months. However, we recognize that do-it-yourself (DIY) treatments are never enough to keep your home perfectly safe.

Deal with ant infestations the right way by calling the professional team at Allswell today! We live up to our iconic name in three significant ways: dedication to service, simple treatment method, and pest-free guarantees with residential pest plans. We have been serving the San Diego area for years with comprehensive pest services you can trust, and are ready to spring into action to treat your home as well.

Discover the difference Allswell can make in your San Diego home by calling, clicking, or visiting in person with a team member right away. We will be happy to give you more tips and tricks regarding proper ant control and prevention and recommend new strategies for success moving forward. For ants, their colonies, and all the rest, trust Allswell to pass the test!