How Can I Remove Pest Birds From My San Diego Property?

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Birds are a common pest home and business owners across California have to deal with. While they may seem like a harmless nuisance, the truth is that they’re anything but: they can be a major annoyance in large enough numbers, and the property damage and health hazards they pose can be a major concern. 

Between the temperature and climate, San Diego is the perfect place to live all-year round, which is what makes it such a popular and sought-after home for the millions of people that live in the area. Unfortunately, these same factors also make it the perfect place for birds to roost if they can find a home or business in the area to nest inside. 

If you own a San Diego property that’s come under attack from pest birds, read on for information about what you’re up against and what you can do to stop them.

Common Pest Birds In San Diego

While there are countless bird species found across the country, in San Diego, the three main pest birds that find their way into homes and businesses are pigeons, seagulls, and swallows. 


Pigeons are among the most common domesticated birds in the world, and are commonly found in cities and neighborhoods across America. They are typically silver-gray in coloration, with blue or purple coloration around their necks and wings, and typically measure about 11 inches in length from head to tail. They have an incredible ability to find their way back to their nests, making them essential as messengers during times of war. 

Because they feed on the scraps that humans and other animals leave behind, pigeons are known to nest anywhere and everywhere that humans are present. The main element of their presence that makes them a nuisance are the droppings they leave behind, which can be both an unsightly mess and a health hazard for humans in the area. They are mostly found in heavily-populated areas like cities, where they are a common nuisance for pedestrians.


Seagulls are found around coastal areas across the nation. They are white in coloration with yellow beaks, typically measuring 1-2 feet in length with similar wingspans. San Diego’s beach environment makes it a natural home for seagulls. Seagulls are scavengers, and will often feed on food left behind by tourists when they cannot find a fresh meal from the ocean.

Like pigeons, the primary nuisance factor seagulls bring comes from the droppings they leave behind. They can also cause problems due to their invasive nesting habits and the alarming sounds they make as they caw and scream around areas they inhabit. 


Swallows are small, brown-to-black colored birds that typically measure about a half-foot long from head to tail. They are notorious for flocking to homes, buildings, and other structures in the area to make their nests. Depending on the size of the flock they migrate with, they can inhabit structures in dozens or even hundreds at a time.

Swallows create numerous problems for homes and businesses. Their droppings pose sever health concerns for humans that share living spaces with them, and their nesting can also create drainage and airflow problems when they interfere with the flow of gutters, chimneys, and vents. 

How Can I Prevent Bird Problems In San Diego?

There are nevertheless some effective tactics you can use to minimize their presence around your San Diego home as much as possible. 

  • Place deterrent spikes around ledges to prevent birds from landing and nesting there.
  • Remove potential food sources around the property, such as bird feeders or water fountain.
  • Fill in any access holes or sloped areas where birds might try to nest.
  • Employ deterrents such as plastic owls, sonic repellers, or scare balloons.
  • Contact a professional pest control service for help.

How To Remove Birds From Your San Diego Property

Ultimately, birds are a pest that often require professional help to completely remove. Like all pests, the best way to prevent a bird infestation around your home or business is by implementing a comprehensive pest management program that can not only eliminate the birds themselves but also minimize the conducive conditions that invite them in the first place. 

Have pest birds started nesting around your San Diego property? Contact the professionals at Allswell for comprehensive pest control solutions against birds and any other pest problems you might be facing.